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Dressage Training: NEWS

Student Success!

Celine Bundy-Kahn

Wins!!! At her first big Dressage show at Spirit Equestrian Center with scores in the 70's!!!
Congratulations Celine!!!!
Pictured from Left:
Assist. Trainer: Marta Stockwell; Clinician:  Kamila Dupont;  
Celine and "Galileo's"  Head Trainer: Tane McClure,
Celine Bundy-Kahn riding her lovely Holsteiner  "Galileo". 

Dressage Today Cover!!!

Tracey and "Standing Ovation"

Students, Tracey Bregman and Amelia Henley grace the pages of Dressage Today, along with Tracey's amazing Friesian "Standing Ovation".



Tane and "Standing Ovation"

Performing a Musical Freestyle to "Let It Go".
Tane and Tracey Bregman's gorgeous Friesian horse "Standing Ovation" DANCING at the annual LionHeart Halloween Perfomance.

Student Success!

Hilary Smith

Wins the $500.00 Training Level Stakes Class at the Hansen Dam Equestrian Center!
Congratulations Hillary!!!!
DASC Dressage Symposium with Hilda Gurney

January 19th 2013


I was honored to be a demo rider at the DASC Dressage Symposium at El Sueno.​

with Olympian Hilda Gurney.  The new 2013 USEF RIDER DRESSAGE TESTS were being demonstrated, explained and discussed.  There was a distinguished group of Dressage experts, judges, riders, USDF, USEF, and DASC representatives as well as dressage enthusiasts that attended this informative event!

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