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Our Training and Full Care Program

"How could anyone ask for a trainer better than you, (Tane).  You are devoted to your job. Everyday with a smile and never ending love... You are a horse whisperer of the first degree. You know the psychology of both the horse and the rider at any time and any moment. In my 35 years of riding experience I have seen no one and no instructor with the degree of your love for you students and level of you commitment to the art."  Sol Kohan

(Client: Horse Owner and Rider)

"I am so pleased that I brought my horses to you!  She is doing awesome Tane... A giant thank you!"  Kellene West.  (Horse Owner and Rider) 

Dressage For All Disciplines offers Full Training, Half or Partial Training for Horses and riders of all levels.  Available services include Full Care and Grooming!  Use is a lot or just a little depending on your needs and your horse's needs.  

Our goal is give you and your horse the very best of care in every way possible to your personal needs.  

Tane McClure Arendts

USDF Silver Medalist, Dressage For All Disciplines, Head Trainer, Tane McClure Arendts , calls herself a "finesse" rider. By finding the right way of communicating with each individual horse, she teaches the horses that dressage is fun! By building the horses' confidence in themselves, the movements become easy.  Tane's job is to take these horses up the levels, confidently, safely and comfortably.  Click here for more on Tane.



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