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Dressage For All Disciplines - About Training

 “Dressage is an excellent riding foundation. Therefore, improving in Dressage... improves your riding in every discipline, Western, Hunters, Jumpers etc.”
“Your horse should have ‘self carriage’, and be light and responsive.”

Tane McClure Arendts


Doug McClure

Tane McClure and Dressage Olympian Jan Ebeling

Tane and "Lanzar" competing Prix. St. George and Intermediare 1


Head Trainer - Tane McClure Arendts

Horse Training Biography


Tane McClure began her love of horses as a child, watching her father actor Doug McClure (as Trampas) on the set of the western television series “The Virginian”. Tane would ride her Arabian horse through the old western towns in the back-lots of Universal Studios playing pretend. During this time, Tane and her father also performed at Rodeos and Celebrity Roping tournaments around the country. Getting in the act, Tane, at the age of 8 would enter the rodeo ring on her horse at a full gallop waving to the audience, just like a true western cowgirl.

Tane began learning Hunter/Jumpers at the age of 11, riding and training at the Pebble Beach Equestrian Center. As a Hunter/Jumper rider, Tane has trained with such notable trainers as Diane Coe, Mary Ting, and her long time trainer, Ron Keller.

As an A-Circuit Jumper competitor, Tane successfully competed through A/A Jumpers, Modified, and A/O Jumpers, with fences from 3’6”- (up to) 4’6”. Tane won many A- Circuit and National Championships, including becoming the A/A Santa Barbara National Champion, Harvest Festival Champion, Desert Circuit Champion and many more. Tane also competed successfully in multiple Gambler’s Choice competitions on her rocket-of-a-horse “Kinzie Street” aka “Snoopy”.

During this time Tane began training Thoroughbreds Race Horses off of the track for well-known racehorse owner George Shaw. These hot ex-race horses were successfully trained by Tane to become happy Hunter/Jumper prospects.

Tane has also competed in the Arab Show Circuit in Country Pleasure as well as Hunter/Jumper.

As a Stunt Rider, Tane jumped a 4’ fence bareback for the western series “Harts of the West”. In the scene, Tane leaped up on the horse bareback in a pasture and then jumped the horse out of the pasture, up and over the 4’ foot fence and then galloped full speed away. (Note: Another rider attempted the same stunt the week before, sending that rider to the hospital.)

Other horse stunts and notable performances were for the Blue Cross Insurance television commercial, Burger King commercial, Roper advertisement, and multiple feature films.

And then came DRESSAGE!!!!
Tane’s training in Dressage began in earnest over 15 years ago. Her goal was to become an FEI rider while broadening her riding skills, and she has successfully done so and is continuing her growth and education in the dressage discipline to this day. Tane notes that, “Dressage is an excellent riding foundation. Therefore, improving in Dressage... improves your riding in every discipline, Western, Hunters, Jumpers etc.”

Tane has trained or cliniced with such notable Dressage trainers as Olympians Jan Ebeling and Hilda Gurney,  as well as coaches Carol Grant, Button Baker, Christiane Noelting, Aaron Wilson, Will Faerber, Sabine Schut-Kery, Larisa Mantor, Kamila Dupont,  Caroline Hoffman, Julien Beaugnon and many others.

Tane moved up the levels in Dressage quickly and within a few years, competed very successfully, receiving many USDF (United States Dressage Federation) and CDS (California Dressage Federation) qualifying scores at 3rd Level, with her horse “Noble Classic” competing in the CDS Championships, finishing in the top 10, and winning DASC (Dressage Association of Southern California) Reserve Champion, in addition to many 1st place ribbons and High Point Awards at 5-star dressage shows throughout California.

Tane currently, rides and competes at Intermediare-1, FEI Level (Federation Equestrian International) with her horse “Lanzar”. Schooling and training through the Grand Prix movements and showing successfully with USDF and CDS qualifying scores, as well as earning her USDF SILVER MEDAL. ​  Tane is currently only two scores away from earning her USDF GOLD MEDAL.

Tane continues her education and training regularly in both Dressage, Jumping, and the new USEF recognized discipline Western Dressage, to be at the top of the latest information, training styles and USEF rules and regulations.

Tane is welcoming new student riders and horses to her training program.

Specializing in training horses and riders in dressage as a foundation to all disciplines, improving balance, self-carriage, and confidence in both horse and rider.

“Horseback riding is a partnership... a TEAM.... You and your HORSE together.... with Trust, Confidence and Love.”

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