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USDF Silver Medalist Tane McClure Arendts

"A horse whisperer of the first degree..."
"Sol Kohan

Riding Lessons and Horse Training in the beautiful Malibu Mountains, Agoura, California.

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Horse Training and Riding Lessons

Dressage Training for All Disciplines... is dressage training and lessons for horse and rider whether you ride Hunters, Jumpers, Western, Dressage or just for fun!  Riders who wish to improve their riding skills through classic dressage to build a better seat and create a lighter connection with their horse that encourages self carriage will find great benefits with this program.  Each individual horse and their riding discipline is taken into consideration, and an individual training program is created specifically for that horse and rider.



USDF SILVER MEDALIST, FEI Dressage Rider and competitor, Tane McClure Arendts, grew up riding.  She is a 20 year veteran of A-Circuit Show Jumping (jumping up to 4'6"), Stunt Rider (jumped 4' fences bareback), Western Rider, and is currently competing in upper level FEI Dressage.   As a lover of horses and rider of many disciplines... Tane, will help you to build a connection with your horse with lightness, confidence and self carriage, with love, no matter what discipline you ride or what level. 


  • Self Carriage
  • Lightness
  • Classic Dressage
  • Western Dressage
  • Dressage for Hunters
  • Dressage for Jumpers
  • Dressage for Eventing


Tane McClure Arendts

(818) 584-3528


and Lessons

Dressge For All Disciplines

Dressge For All Disciplines

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